The AASP is committed to enhancing the recognition of chiropractic physicians and neurosurgeons who care for the spine. This online Directory offer provides spine physicians an opportunity to appreciate the benefit of reaching out to the public and other healthcare professionals though the World Wide Web (Internet). It also offers each physican an opportunity to become familiar with the additional practice and marketing resources (Directory Levels II-IV) unique to this online Directory. To place a listing on the basic registry the data fields must filled out in their entirety to ensure accurate posting of contact information.

To become a profiled spine physician you must apply for membership with the American Academy of Spine Physicians. If you are accepted as a member you will obtain a Level II profile at no additional cost. You have the option to list your website on level II of the directory. If at any time your membership with the AASP lapses, levels II through IV will automatically be removed from the National Directory of Spine Physicians. These levels will be posted immediately upon successful membership renewal with the AASP.

Your office will be notified via fax or email when the subscription year is coming to a close. Your AASP membership renewal can be automatically charged to your account annually to insure uninterrupted service at any level on the directory. If you are not completely satisfied with your listing on the National Directory of Spine Physicians you can request to have it removed.