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The mission of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) is to promote excellence in spinecare through education, innovation and collaboration.

Become a member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), one of the most prestigious spine organizations in the world. Members of the AASP include physicians and other spinecare providers from some of the most distinguished medical centers and educational facilities in the country. The AASP has also attracted international members from six continents. The AASP developed a strategic alliance with the International Spine Association (ISA) to help shape the future of spinecare on a global basis.

By becoming a member of the Academy, you have an opportunity to expand your practice with available resources and help shape the future of spinecare. The AASP was founded by physicians dedicated to conservative and cooper-ative spinecare. In 2015, membership categories were expanded to include all physician and non-physician members

of the spinecare team. The AASP is an organization comprised of healthcare professionals of various disciplines and specialties dedicated to excellence in spinecare.


Edward C. Benzel, M.D.
Cleveland Clinic
Donald S. Corenman, M.D., D.C.

Orthopedic Surgeon and Chiropractic Orthopedist
Steadman Clinic
George J. Dohrmann, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Chicago
David H. Durrant, D.C., Ph.D.(c)
Chiropractic Neurologist
Chicago Neuroscience Institute
Barth A. Green, M.D.
Miami Project to Cure Paralysis
Vincent P. Lucido, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician
Past President, American Chiropractic Association
Stephen L. Ondra, M.D.
formerly of Northwestern University
John V. Prunskis, M.D.
Pain Management
Illinois Pain Institute
Ruth G. Ramsey, M.D.
formerly of Rush University
Steven Vanni, D.O., D.C.
Neurosurgeon and Chiropractic Physician
University of Miami


Scott Haldeman, D.C., M.D., Ph.D.
Clinical Neuroscience
Manohar M. Panjabi, Ph.D., D. Tech.
Clinical Biomechanics
Yale University


1. Become an active member of the AASP. 

2. As an AASP member you are entitled to a free listing with a full page profile on the International Directory of Spinecare Professionals (highly visible to professionals and the public through search engines).

3. Place a website link on your directory profile page.

4. Print and display your personalized AASP membership certificate(s) throughout your practice setting.

5. Display and rotate available digital messages in your waiting room and/or on the reception area counter.

6. Display and rotate available digital messages in your waiting room and/or on the reception area counter.

7. Display and distribute AASP brochures in your office.

8. Use available PowerPoint slides/programs to educate patients and professionals.

9. Submit periodic personalized AASP Press Releases to local media using the Build-a-Press-Release resource.

10. Use digital or downloadable personalized Spine Information Script Forms offered by the International Spine Association (ISA) to direct your patients to "need-to-know" information.

11. Use the Inform-a-Colleague, Introductory Letter Library, and Spinecare 360 resources located in the Member Dashboard to build your local referral network.

12. Use AASP logo screen savers on computers in your office.

13. Embed a plugin Spinecare Resource Center module to add breadth and depth of information to your practice website.

14. Enhance your career with AASP Career Development Resources.

15. Take advantage of cost savings on spinecare equipment, products and services through the AASP Buying Advantage Program.


- Expand your knowledge and build your curriculum vitae with online AASP continuing education courses.

- Achieve and display special AASP Certifications of Achievement in practice-related

- Credential with the AASP. Physician members are eligible to achieve Diplomate status with the American Academy of Spine Physicians (DAASP) and Fellow status with the American College of Spine Physicians (FACSP). Non-physician members are eligible to obtain Fellow status with the American College of Spine Specialists (FACSS).

- Professionally custom-mat, frame, and display all certificates obtained through the AASP (Membership, Specialty Certification, Diplomate status, Fellow status).

- Acknowledge your commitment to excellence in spinecare by wearing promotional
clothing items available through the AASP store.

- Obtain certification in Healthcare Systems & Hospital Practice.

- Expand your knowledge and build your curriculum vitae with online AASP continuing education courses.

Member Services Office : American Academy of Spine Physicians 1795 Grandstand Place Elgin, Illinois 60123 Phone: 847-697-4660 Fax: 847-931-7975 Email: aasp@spinephysicians.org www.spinephysicians.org

Inform a Colleague

Expand and Educate Your Spinecare Network

Welcome to the Inform a Colleague area of the Academy Website. The American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) strives to implement new and more efficient methods for members to communicate with other healthcare professionals. One of the most effective tools is the online "Inform a Colleague" function. This function can be used to expand and educate your spinecare referral network. It also represents a resource to conveniently inform others about trends in spinecare and about offers of organizations such as the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP), the International Spine Association (ISA). The link library also contains an application for membership with the AASP.

The online "Inform a Colleague" feature provides an invaluable time-saving service for keeping spinecare professionalsup-to-date, expanding the spinecare network, stimulating interdisciplinary referrals and for inviting colleagues to join the AASP. The library of links is always being updated with useful information and resources. The linked messages can be used to

***Edit and/or add text where appropriate** (Inform one or more colleagues)

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30 Tips for Better Spine Health
AASP Continuing Education and Credentialing
AASP Continuing Medical Education Affiliate Member
International Spinecare Directory
Online Public Information Center


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Join / Renew

This level of membership is for physicians (MD, DC, DO) whose practice/interest includes patients with spinal disorders. ($295)

Affiliate Member:
This level of membership is for allied healthcare professionals involved in spinecare and/or spine research. This includes physical therapists, massage therapists, exercise physiologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, physician's assistants, diagnostic technicians, surgical technicians, exercise instructors, personal trainers and individuals who hold a PhD and work in the field of spinecare. ($150)

Candidate Member:
This level of membership is for residents, fellows and students who have an interest in spinecare. ($35)

Membership Renewal

Membership will automatically renew each calendar year starting from the date of membership renewal or membership acceptance unless the AASP is specifically notified in writing by the member at least 30 days prior to their renewal date. Please address all correspondence to the AASP Office of Member Services.

Review the accuracy of your contact information and practice profile information including your email address. To update your profile online go to www.spinephysicians.org and login using your unique member ID and PIN as noted below.

Please notify the AASP if you no longer meet membership criteria. This includes maintaining an active license to practice.


American Academy of Spine Physicians

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AASP Membership Office

Address: 1795 Grandstand Place
City: Elgin
State: Illinois
Zip Code: 60123-4980
Telephone: (847) 697-4660
Fax: (847) 931-7975
Email: aasp@spinephysicians.org
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