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Welcome To Our Spinecare Technology Portal

The Spinecare Technology Section of the American Academy of Spine Physicians (AASP) was developed to enhance exposure of new technology and new techniques to healthcare professionals and the public. Companies are encouraged to submit product information and technology related news to the AASP.

Many companies which submit material for publication to the AASP Spinecare Technology Section provide "special offers" or "special opportunities" for members of the American Academy of Spine Physicans. These offers can be accessed through the International Directory of Spinecare Products located at www.spinecareproducts.org.

Companies are invited to submit product and/or service profiles to the AASP for publication in the Technology Section of the AASP website. Approved product/service profiles can be accessed below in the order they were posted. They can also be accessed categorically by clicking on one of the three categories to the left.

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